VinoHub Your virtual wine showcase in China
Vino Hub

Let VinoHub sell
your wine in China,
your way

VinoHub is an online pavilion connecting international wineries with potential wine distributors and buyers in China.

Sell your wine in the world’s most active and largest digital economy – China.

Give your brand the exposure boost it needs for the expansion you didn’t know you needed.

Run your wine business online through your computer screen at any time.

Vino Hub partners

On VinoHub

potential distributors can quickly browse information about international wineries directly on WeChat, China’s biggest app, and connecting with them for business opportunities.

With our business

roots in Europe and China, we have the perfect combination of expertise for your brand to thrive in your brand expansion

VinoHub is run by Sparkle

the 3-click solution to digitalize your winery for Chinese audiences.

Quick and affordable display of wines to Chinese operators

Fully integrated with China’s most used app: WeChat

Ability to capture true and full data of B2B leads

No physical movement or entity required since all display will be virtual


How it works

Your virtual wine showcase


Homepage of wine brand and products on the miniprogram inside WeChat

List of all participating wine brands and search tools

VinoHUB digital partner of Wine to Asia. Veronafiere Vinitaly China fair

Buyers (more than 4100 listed) can request information and leave their data.


Offer 2021

VinoHUB allows international wineries to showcase their products in China. This way, wine brands can effortlessly expand its business outreach along with many other advantages


  • Winery and product information upload on VinoHub
  • _
  • Lead management for potential buyers
  • _
  • 12 months validity

Smart Add-on

  • One article presentation of winery and products
  • -
  • Two push messages among our community of wine industry experts (4100 experts)
  • -
  • Visibility of the winery in VinoHUB homepage for one week

Plus Add-on

  • SMART marketing +
  • _
  • One Wine Blogger (more than 100k fans) engagement for a promotions campaign

Business Add-on

  • PLUS marketing +
  • _
  • Manage livestreaming rooms and easily collect information on interested leads or distributors

Marketing add-ons

KOC seeding

Send samples to KOCs to create content marketing to use as promotion on brand page

Sponsored Ads

Create and position strategic ads on WeChat to bring people to your specific brand page in VinoHub


Provide an informational background to visitors on your page to connect them more to your brand and story


Manage livestreaming rooms and easily collect information on interested leads or distributors


QR landing page

Development of landing pages connecetd to a QR code to present news, introduce new products, invite to events.

VIP management

VIP customers or influencers management. Send them offers, news, limited editions or other campaigns.

Tasting events

Arrange wine dinners or other tasting events with KOL and distributors.

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